Wee Willi Winkels Helles Lager

German Style Helles / Gold Lager


The beer is in tribute to the late great Wee Willi Winkels, a true legend in the skateboard and snowboarding community. He will be dearly missed, yet his legend will live on. Willi was born in Germany and rasied in Ontario so it seemed a Helles was a fitting style to commorate his life and roots. “Hell” means “light” and “helles” means “a light one” referring only to the colour, not the flavour. A Helles is a beer that looks very pleasing and is based on balance and subtlety with a full malt forward body and a noticeable hop flavour, though less assertive than a traditional European Pilsner.

Tasting Notes

A brilliantly clear golden colour with a bright white head. The aroma has a lovely malty-grainy character from the pilsner malt with a light noble, grassy hop character. The flavour is beautifully balanced with crisp pilsner malt, grainy notes and a lovely hop accent that is well attenuated and dry.

ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 19
SRM: 4
O.G.: 11.8P
F.G.: 2.8P