Rooster Tail Pale Wheat

Brewmasters Notes

A dry-hopped American Pale Wheat beer sure to make waves on your taste buds. Its rich golden colour, frothy head, and crisp malt character comes from a hefty dose of wheat. Select American hops offer lively citrus and fruity aromas and flavours

Tasting Notes

A beautiful cloudy beer golden in colour with hints of orange and tight bubble head. The dry hopping gives this beer a great citrus aroma, lots of orange, tangerine, clementines, and a nice resiny hop character. The flavour is light, a nice creamy body but, boasts lovely citrus flavours from all of the hops. There’s no lingering bitterness, as it’s nice and dry.

ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 29
SRM: 5.4
O.G.: 11.9P
F.G.: 3.0