Nosey Parker Porter

Brewmasters Notes

This beer is based on a seemingly lost style of German Porter. Porters were famous in London, and Germany wanted to put their spin on them by using lager yeasts instead of ale yeast. This particular beer is a lagered ale to give a nice crispness to the beer without being overly sweet. The malts are all European and the hops are German and Czech.

Tasting Notes

An opaque beer with a nice tan head. This has a nice biscuit sweetness on the nose with a little earthiness from the hops. Some sweet flavours that finish with liquorish and maple, with no lingering bitterness from any of the darker malts. It has a nice semi-sweet finish making this an easy drinker.

ABV: 6.3%
IBU: 34
SRM: 28
O.G.: 15.5P
F.G.: 3.6P