Broken Paddle Cream Ale

Cream Ale


Cream Ale is one of the few beer styles native to America. During prohibition in the US many Canadian brewers took to brewing this style, and as always, made it better. When prohibition ended, Canadian made cream ale became a popular style in the US, and Americans brewers took to brewing it again.

Tasting Notes

Pale straw in colour and bright, this beer forms a thin white head when poured. The aroma is malt dominant with just a hint of cascade hops. The taste is clean and refreshing, very well balanced, with neither hops nor malt being assertive. This also leads to a very clean aftertaste, leaving the mouth wanting more. Carbonation is relatively high to add some mouth feel and adds to the refreshing flavour of the beer.



Food Pairings

Tempura Asparagus, Nachos, taco salad, chicken burger

Tech Specs

Malts: Pilsner, Vienna, Corn Sugar
Hops: Sorachi Ace, Cascade
Yeast: California Ale Yeast
ABV: 4.8
IBU: 13
SRM: 3.5
O.G.: 11.0oP
F.G.: 3.7oP