Feast ON

Northwinds is a proud member of the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance and Feast ON certified. Feast ON is a criteria-based program that recognizes businesses committed to showcasing Ontario’s unique tastes of place. By applying and committing to being a part of this program Northwinds agrees to:

  • Procure Ontario food and drink whenever possible;
  • Identify the provenance of Ontario food and drink on the menu. In our menus, every offering includes Ontario sourced produce, breads and/or proteins;
  • Track and trace Ontario food and drink purchases as close to the origin as possible;
  • Develop Ontario’s culinary identity by celebrating regional tastes and championing local, seasonal ingredients;
  • Educate the public about Ontario food and drink and to bring further awareness to its strong agricultural sectors.

While there are various criteria in qualifying for the Feast ON designation, our procurement boasts over 75% menu ingredients sourced locally and over 85% alcohol beverages sourced locally (or in the case of Northwinds beer, brewed in-house). In fact, the only alcohol beverages we serve that are sourced outside of Ontario include some wines and liquor. Our beer (obviously), guest taps, ciders, some wines and liquors are all Ontario based.
When you visit Northwinds, you are being served the freshest meals and beverages available.